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Since 2021, Arty Farty has coordinated We are Europe, an online media platform that – in keeping with the cooperation project of the same name – promotes a vision of Europe embodied by its artists, activists and citizens.

It features a number of editorial collections dedicated to democratic spaces and debates in Europe (Nightivism, Agora Europe), arts and culture (Arts), the environment (Planet: Reconnect) and new technologies (Cyber Space). We are Europe publishes various forms of content such as written and video interviews, surveys and podcasts aimed at exploring the cultural transformations affecting the European continent and sharing stories that shed light on democracy, environmental and technological crises, innovation, etc. To date, our editors and their team of content creators all over Europe have produced and published over 200 original pieces of media highlighting the work of cultural protagonists based all over Europe. 1 European media platform 200 original pieces of content


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