SINCE 2017


or four editions now, Intérieur Queer has been providing a festival platform for queer culture: a place for interaction, for up-and-coming artists and musicians, for meeting and mixing, all under a celebratory manifesto that challenges representations of gender and sexual identity while showcasing the latest music.

Formerly co-produced by Arty Farty, Culture Next and PLUSBELLELANUIT, Intérieur Queer is now an Arty Farty production in collaboration with PLUSBELLELANUIT. Fiercely committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination, Intérieur Queer aims to be unifying and intergenerational, vibrant and celebratory, representative of local scenes but with arms wide open to the rest of Europe. Accessible to all members of the public thanks to its combination of free and paid-for events, presenting a resolutely audacious mixture of formats and aesthetics, Intérieur Queer challenges preconceived ideas and imagines new narratives for the society of tomorrow by inventing original and inspiring mediation devices. Put together in close collaboration with local structures, associations and collectives, the festival determinedly pursues its aim of offering a colourful and diverse panorama of queer initiatives in the Lyon region. Temporarily taking over various venues around the city, Intérieur Queer becomes a space of togetherness, free expression and visibility for these socially engaged communities, as well as a public platform from which to disseminate the values of inclusiveness and tolerance.

A welcoming festival with a cutting-edge lineup, Intérieur Queer is also – first and foremost – a cultural and civic opportunity to shine a light on political and social issues and their tangible consequences. The festival therefore doubles up as an essential platform for transmission, exchange and debate, and plays an active role in strengthening an LGBTQIA+ community that is fragile and stigmatised to varying extents all over Europe. Celebrating our steps forward while still campaigning for further progress, Intérieur Queer uses culture and partying as a means to bring people together, to carry the fight and to celebrate what makes us unique






artists invited each year