50, quai Rambaud
69002 Lyon, France




SINCE 2013


aving first opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2013, Le Sucre is a rooftop club and cultural venue perched on the top floor of La Sucrière, a historic industrial building at the heart of the Confluence district. Managed by Culture Next, it is part of the Arty Farty ecosystem. Over the years, Le Sucre has become something of a local institution while simultaneously establishing itself as a fixture on the French and European club scenes. Open all year round, every year it hosts over 220 events attended by around 150,000 people, with highlights including the Nuits Sonores festival in May.

Le Sucre's programming is fuelled by its permanent desire for greater diversity and higher standards, as well as its refusal conform to expectations. Its artistic DNA therefore represents the widest possible panorama of contemporary electronic music, from the mainstream to the experimental, the up-and-coming to the established.

A shape-shifting venue in constant evolution, Le Sucre changes with every new season, aesthetic and format; on any given day, it might be a bar with a view, a vibrant gig venue, a cutting-edge miniclub or a Sunday techno congregation. The one constant is the quality of the sound that emanates from its custom-made Meyer soundsystem, one of the key factors behind its stellar reputation. Immersed in a prolific artistic ecosystem, Le Sucre also aims to stand as an echo chamber that helps to strengthen and promote the music scene in Lyon and the surrounding area. It is therefore committed to serving the needs of local artists, above all those whose music careers are still in their infancy.

Le Sucre also plays an active role in promoting and defending “club culture”, in the broadest sense of the term, as well as its underlying values of tolerance, inclusion, cross-pollination, hybridisation, release and freedom. In doing so, it seeks to create a positive and welcoming space where everyone can feel safe and free to be whoever they want to be, and one that is entirely intolerant of all forms of discrimination.

Attentive to both society and the latest social movements, the team at Le Sucre reflect constantly on their own practices, including issues relating to gender equality, the inclusion of minorities and environmental responsibility.

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