A sovereign and gender-balanced General Assembly

composed of 28 voting members (14 board members and 14 active members). The General Assembly elects Arty Farty’s Board of Directors from among its members.


A gender-balanced Bureau

elected by the General Assembly and composed of six members: a president and a vice-president, a treasurer and an assistant treasurer, a secretary and an assistant secretary.


A gender-balanced Board of Directors

composed of 14 civilian members, including from the cultural entrepreneurship sector


A gender-balanced Management Committee

composed of four members, responsible for the general management, strategy and organisation of the ecosystem as a whole.


An Ethics and Environment Committee

convened to submit proposals and recommendations on various topics: gender equality, the environment, anti-racism, techno-criticism, partying and freedom.


Over 110 people are employed by the Arty Farty ecosystem. On a daily basis, the structure attends to the quality of communication between its teams, the challenges of gender balance and training, and the promotion of a workplace climate that fosters collective intelligence, respect and consideration for others.

Arty Farty and the structures that make up its ecosystem place much importance on the long-term stability, registration and supervision of its teams, by favouring the use of permanent contracts.

It also relies heavily on the roles, autonomy and the responsibilities of its managers (there are 30 managers in the ecosystem).

Very active and committed to their work, the Social and Economic Committees representing Arty Farty and Culture Next are a constant source of ideas aimed at ensuring the ecosystem continues to move forward in a number of areas (inclusion, diversity, the fight against sexual and sexist violence, prevention of workplace risks , etc.).

In May 2022, to strengthen this approach, Arty Farty created a Human Resources department with a dedicated recruitment team.